Our marketing and media director is

Ryan Longnecker

LBCF values the ways which God shows His grace in and through ALL of us. God calls His people to make His name known through the ways He works out His plan for us and history and we share those stories with each other in compelling ways so that we can always be prepared to give an answer for the hope we have.

Leader’s vision: My vision is to see the Church excel in beauty. I would love for people to think of LBCF as synonymous with excellently proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ in Long Beach, around the World, and for all time.

Passion: I love being with people when they recognize, wake up to, and own the hidden universal and compelling story of God’s work that often exists buried in the details of the stories we are living.

Ways to get involved: Share a story! If God has done or is currently doing something in your life that you want to share with the community email rlongnecker@lbcf.org