Where can you help, right now?

So glad you asked…

-Middle School Youth Volunteers: in need of adults that are willing to be a positive presence for this formative age group at least once a month on Thursday nights or Sunday mornings.  

-Production team: in need of 1-2 volunteers who can navigate a computer and can understand the big picture of how sound, lights, and projectors work together

-Hospitality team: in need of 5 volunteers that can stand for more than 15 minutes and lift more than 20lbs for set-up and tear down on Sunday mornings or for the Welcome table directing people to resources

-Children's Ministry: in need of volunteers who like learning and laughing

Do you have a passion/skill/experience that you want to find a home at LBCF?

Jesus, God in flesh, demonstrated a life of service that was marked by a humility that left people convinced of his abundant love and acceptance.  As we learn to live and love like Jesus, we serve our LBCF community and surrounding city of Long Beach so it looks radically more and more like heaven on earth.


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