Our music ministry is lead by

Jason Maligmat

As LBCF’s music ministry, we seek to bring the people of God deeper into His presence with fresh and eclectic selections of music from traditional hymns to current songs to music written by our very own worship leaders.

Leader’s vision: Our music teams meet weekly to grow in community with one another, musical excellence and our capacity to move flexibly with the Spirit of God in services.  We are learning to live and love like Jesus when we pursue intimacy with God through music.

Passion: Throughout scripture God uses music to move armies and change the world of His people.  Music has the capacity to speak to us in a way that is beyond language. 

Ways to get involved: There are many ways to be a part of music ministry at LBCF from special programs to Sunday morning teams.  If you have a musical, dramatic, or artistic gift we would love to hear from you. Email musicministry@lbcf.org.