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Abundant August IV: Fully Mature Children of God | Brandon Cook

John 1:10-13 and Romans 8:26-30

Brandon Cook. In biblical teaching and Christian thought, abundance is synonymous with maturity. In this message, we explore what it means to become mature as we trust that God’s universe will provide everything we need for the formation of our souls so that we can welcome all reality, the joyous and painful, trusting that God “works all things together for our good.” This maturity will mean leaving behind our strongholds (the things that have helped us survive) so that we can learn to thrive in new ways of being with God, others, and in the world.

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Abundant August III: Giving Grows Out of the Heart | Barbara Sunofsky

2 Corinthians 8:1-3,7-8,12-15, 9:6-11a

Barbara Sunofsky. What if abundance has nothing to do with how much or how little money we have? Money is a reality in all of our relationships, past, present, and future. We consider how we feel when we have or do not have money, and how we steward its power in our relationships. Giving money away is a spiritual discipline that we practice because of our knowledge of Christ's abundance. As a community, we engage in spiritual formation to make a commitment to give all we readily and easily can, and beyond.

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Abundant August II: Relationships - God's Means for Abundance | Jaci Anderson

1 John 4:7-12

Jaci Anderson. The opposite of abundance is not scarcity, but isolation. Through relationships, we tap into the abundance God has for us in our families, city, and world. We learn from Africa New Day's Pastor Andre, and World Vision Clean Water projects, that relationships that give capacity, instead of create dependence, are essential to abundance. We contemplate: Who has God used and given you to access his abundance?

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Abundant August I: A Life of Being, Doing, and Pruning | Brandon Cook

John 1:1-14

Brandon Cook. In August, we focus on our discipleship value of abundance, which comes from a life of listening and responding. In this first message, we explore how all abundance flows from a life of obedience to God’s Spirit. This obedience has nothing to do with compulsion and everything to do with connection. And it means a pruning of our small self so we can live from a big story involving risk, romance, and adventure.

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