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Living In Exile VIII: The Way of Jesus, The End of Exile | Brandon Cook

Ezekiel 36:23-38

Brandon Cook. The end of exile comes not just with a return to Jerusalem but with the promise of a new heart. In this message, we explore how Jesus is the way, and how his way is to call followers into a community of practice. Spiritual practice—training, discipline, holiness and wholeness—is what opens us to God’s transforming grace, fashioning a new heart within us.

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Living In Exile VII: The Art of Discernment | Brandon Cook

Daniel 1:3-14

Brandon Cook. How do we live in culture and the world without being transformed—in all the ways we don’t want—by the world. We can withdraw from culture or we can accommodate culture. Or, might there be another path? In this message, we explore again how Daniel said yes but also said no, which becomes a template for us as we consider how to live well in this world, following Jesus.

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Living In Exile V: Living in Trust | Brandon Cook

Isaiah 30:1-5, 15-22

Brandon Cook. Israel is rebuked for trusting in Egypt rather than God, which falls into their pattern of looking to idols to save them. What does that mean in our context, when modern-day idolatry is alive and well but looks so different than it did when Isaiah was written? In this message, we explore how following Jesus means living in trust, and how trust always calls us away from worshipping idols.

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Living In Exile IV: Dangerous Living | Jaci Anderson

Isaiah 43:18-21, Jeremiah 29:4-7, Isaiah 2:2-4

What can we learn from the Hebrew experience about how to live in exile from Christendom? Exile provides a season of reorientation to mission Dei. We learn that exiles: grieve, tell their most dangerous story, resist empire, make radical promises to empire, and sing dangerous songs. In response, to a broken world, we declare: here am I, send me.

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Living In Exile I: Living In A New Narrative | Brandon Cook

Jeremiah 29: 1:1-13

We are brought by Jesus out of exile, but Scripture makes it clear that we still live in exile, as foreigners in the world. How do we live in the culture without being in the culture? How do live fully here — “planting gardens, building houses,” as God describes it— while living with longing and hope for a world re-born? In this message, we explore the biblical concept of exile as we launch a new series on living well in exile, in whatever form we may encounter it.

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