Our pastor of family and soul care is

Barbara Sunofsky

Our Family & Soul Care Ministry is a place for singles and marrieds of any age to grow and flourish, for healthy sexuality to be developed and maintained, and spiritual formation to transform lives. We believe that family ministry should be Proactive, Holistic, Peer-Oriented, and Missional. LBCF family ministry includes everyone who attends and is not meant to be its own little silo; this is an All Play ministry that includes singles, marrieds, widows, orphans, and seniors.

Leader’s Vision: is to learn to live and love like Jesus in all of the areas of our humanity.

Passion: that we respond to the love that God has for us and connectedness is the way we love one another, this love produces healing not only in ourselves, but in the world God has given us.

Ways to get involved: We offer family based cadres; mentoring groups; pastoral counseling in many areas; events for singles, couples, and everyone; and healthy sexuality small groups dealing with sexual betrayal and sexual abuse. For more information email familyandsoulcare@lbcf.org