Our creative arts ministry is lead by

Rebecca Cook

Celebrating beauty in the world and creating new works of art that lead us deeper into awe, wonder, and the fullness of following Jesus.

Leader’s Vision:

The creative arts invite us to take risks with our souls that we might otherwise never take.  We LOVE that.  They bring us into the mysterious places of our own hearts and God's conversation with us in graceful and tangible ways.  They create important pathways in our hearts and souls that help us become fully alive in God.  

In 2018 we created a Multi-Expression Sermon with original music, dance, biographical stories, and video, called the ReNew Project.  The concept was based on an original song, “I CAN SEE” (Musician: Sterling Reed // Album: Open Country). 

From the first invitation all the participants gave a resounding ‘YES'.  Two congregants candidly shared stories of personal growth and the Re-Newed ways of seeing God had brought them in to. 

The stories were vulnerable, and the videography was intimately shot. The choreography echoed story elements, and dancers made the story-telling even more visceral. This opened up the hearts of our viewers. When it was over, our community was elevated to a state of grace & celebration. The community had been brought together in an encounter with hope.

It was very meaningful to see fellow artists take a chance on something original and new to their creative expressions.  LBCF Creative Arts ministry is committed to doing this over and over again as we learn to live and love like Jesus.

Passion: Journeying with soon to be creatives, full blown professional artists, and every interested creative in between towards a life loving and creating with Jesus.

Meeting times: We meet regularly as a creatives in the annual liturgical rhythm creating large scale projects for Advent and Lent. Additionally, we gather seasonally for creative arts cadres and special events.  Stay tuned.  For more information please contact our leadership group the Creative Arts Round Table Team at creativearts@lbcf.org or register as a fellow creative at the link below.

Ways to get involved: Let us know that you are a fellow creative - REGISTER HERE.  We look forward to learning to live and love like Jesus through the Creative Arts with you.

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Upcoming Events:

LB Art Times: Complexions Contemporary Ballet "Stardust: A Tribute to David Bowie" | Saturday October 5th | 8p-10p

To register for this event visit lbcf.org/LBarttimes