Cadres are our small groups that meet during three different seasons of the year. They cover various topics and expressions of christian life and are held in various locations across the city. Anyone can join and all are welcome!


Communing With The Holy Spirit | For Everybody

Does the Holy Spirit feel like a modern mystery? Come delve into scripture, deepening your understanding and experience of the gifts of the spirit. Ends June 18th.

Tuesdays 7:00pm | LBCF


Cooking, Eating, and God | For Everybody

Community, cooking and discussion about the previous Sunday's teaching.

Wednesdays 6:30pm | Sunofsky Home

Cost: Free


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Healing the Wounded Heart | For Adults

We will be watching a video series, reading a book and having confidential conversations that not only will help us understand the impacts and effects of sexual abuse and harm, but offer hope and a roadmap to healing.

Thursdays 6:15pm | Sunofsky Home

Cost: Kindle version (free) or Paperback version $20

This Cadre is closed.


Park Crawl| For Women

This Cadre is over, but check out the Cadres still going on!


The Artist's Way | For Everybody

The Artists Way nurtures our creativity and therefore improves our capacity for 2-way dialog with God. It uses exercises and activities to feed our imagination, which assist us to connect with fresh ideas and deepen our understanding of what it is to live, and move and have our being in Him.

Tuesdays 10:00am | LBCF

Cost: $12 for book "The Artist's Way"

This Cadre is closed.


Winning With Money | For Everybody

Nine-lesson money class that teaches step-by-step how to create a budget, pay off debt, spend wisely, and save for the future. Check it out

Thursdays 6:30pm | LBCF

Cost: $109 includes workbook

This Cadre is closed.


Couples Connect | For Everybody

This will be a hangout with a purpose for anyone who considers themselves a couple. Meeting 6X a year, we will tackle topics that cause us to consider how to live and love like Jesus. We meet every other month!

Fridays 7pm | Sunofsky's Home

Cost: Free



Pixar and Parables | For Everybody

In Pixar and Parables we will look both at the narrative approach of Jesus to make His kingdom known and pairing that with modern understanding of the strategy in storytelling. In a part study, part practice, part self-exploration the goal is to recognize and craft our stories in compelling ways in order to share them with vitality to a world thirsty for good news. Lastly we will also stretch our imagination by creating modern day parables that cause us to explore our understanding of the Kingdom of God and our newly informed structures of imagination.

Saturdays 9am | LBCF

Cost: Free


Healing the Soul of Shame | For Men

Men exploring together wounds from shame and the healing that comes by developing relationships marked by openness, honesty and acceptance.

Thursdays 7pm | LBCF

This Cadre is closed.


Girl's Club

This group is over for the season, but check back later for the next Girl's Club!