New Way to Give

New Way to Give

Do you sometimes feel sad and left out as the “His Tithe and Our Offering” buckets pass you by? Wish you could show the congregation you give but you’re so tech savvy that you use the iPads in the foyer before or after service or give online? Well, fear no more 21st century individual that you are!

You can now give by texting!

Say what?

Seriously! it’s true! You can now give by texting 562-354-4424.

“HOW?!” you ask?

Step One: Text an amount of money (ex: $246) to our giving number, 562-354-4424. 
Step Two: If it is your first time text giving, you will need to enter your credit card information through our secure processor, Kindrid. They save the info so that in the future, giving is even easier.
Step Three: Confirm your gift!


Frequently asked questions:

Does it cost money? No! Totally free!

Is it hard? It’s the anti-hard…it’s super simple! You just enter the amount and send. (See steps above)

Is it secure? Yes – we believe being faithful stewards means finding the best companies to work with who have the top PCI compliance security level. I mean, working with a company who isn’t secure is like the opposite of faithful steward… it’s like fail steward.

What if I didn’t mean to text an amount? Butt-giving, like butt-dialing, could be a big concern. But with Kindrid, you always have the option to cancel a gift that you sent.

I’m still confused click here to watch an awesome and helpful video!

Any other questions? Email our lovely administrator!

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