Women’s Ministry

The Women of LBCF are learning to live and love like Jesus by radiating God’s love through authentic relationships, the pursuit of Truth, and faithful hospitality.  We are serious about being in each other’s lives through the good, the icky – and the ugly.  We long to know the love of the Father by studying His word to us in the Bible together.  We are tenacious to bring the hospitality of Jesus to each other and the world by seeking out the stranger to bring comfort and the peace of God.

The women of LBCF meet regularly in cadres, larger quarterly events, and in a variety of leadership capacities.  To stay up to date on the happenings of women’s ministry at LBCF, join our email list (womensministry@lbcf.org) or our Facebook group – LBCF Women.

Beyond attending LBCF Women’s Events – here are some specific ways to be involved in our women’s ministry:

Stakeholders  – These women come alongside other leaders to bring the vision of each of our LBCF Women’s Events to life!   We are always grateful for women that want to grow in service of the Body of Christ with other women – let us know if that’s you!

Cadre Leaders –  Do you have a passion for deeper relationships with women, a more intimate knowledge of scripture, or an opportunity to be Jesus in action with the women of LBCF? Would you like to be the pioneer that brings it to the women of LBCF? We begin looking for next trimester’s cadre leaders as soon as the current season launches.  There is an application process for cadre leaders and membership is encouraged.

Women’s Ministry Core Team – This team of 12 women are the primary eyes, ears, and vision casters of women’s ministry at LBCF.  They are the leaders behind every part of women’s ministry from quarterly events to cadres, but – especially the annual retreat!  These women intentionally pursue the women of our church to offer discipleship, peer support, comfort, and social/service opportunities.   They meet together once a month for dinner, discipleship, and planning for the period of one year beginning in September of each year.  There is an application process for joining this team and LBCF membership is required.  Applications are available in July of each year.

Questions or comments: womensministry@lbcf.org