Men’s Ministry

Our Vision: Men connecting in ways that transforms them to live and love like Jesus. In order to live in this vision, we actively and intentionally pursue each other to offer compassion, strength, acceptance, trust, vulnerability, encouragement and discipleship. We do this to reflect Christ in ALL our relationships.

Our Intention: We are on a journey. We can’t do it alone. We need and challenge each other so our values are congruent with our actions and words. Our actions and words matter. They’re either building trust and love OR not. It’s that simple. We don’t say this lightly. When we say we want connection, we pursue it. When we say we want authenticity, we risk and say our truth even if we’re afraid of rejection. We are the cornerstone to the community and our families. We pursue the abundant life Jesus promises us. (Romans 5:17 NIV/John 10:10 ESV)

Our Means: The ministry offers a variety of events for men to get plugged into. We have social events and cadres, which are small groups offered in the winter, spring and fall. Deeper learning events, such as our men’s weekend, scheduled for late spring/early summer. Cadres and deeper learning events are tailored to pursue our vision where men can build trust, be authentic, cast off isolation and build community. Community not just for each other, but the lives we impact all around us. We, the men of Long Beach Christian Fellowship, are representing the larger community for Jesus.