Marriage & Family Ministry


We offer marriage and family based cadres, mentoring groups, pre-marital counseling, marriage counseling, events for couples, and more!


Proactive.  The best way to promote healthy marriages is to begin working with couples as love blooms, guiding them, supporting them, and equipping them from the start. LBCF marriage ministry is developing a pre-marriage and newlywed strategy as well as an ongoing program of marriage education for couples at every stage of their relationship.

Holistic. Banquets, retreats, worship emphases, workshops, Bible studies, marriage enrichment groups, mentoring programs, pre-marriage and marriage counseling, wedding support, divorce recovery and re-marriage support, nearly-wed/newlywed. We want to be with you from the beginning, through every stage you face as a couple. LBCF marriage ministry is not meant to be in its own little silo; it is part of all that the LBCF does.

Peer-oriented.  In LBCF’s marriage ministry this translates into putting couples with couples in an intentional program of peer learning, support, and encouragement—such as our cadres! Another peer-related strategy includes mentoring. Healthy, experienced couples getting matched up with couples wanting mentorship. We envision mentoring at LBCF to have three prongs: pre-marital/young marriages, stable marriages that desires a mentor couple, and crisis mentoring.

Missional. As we work with our couples, LBCF marriage ministry should support their missional development; the sense that God has a purpose for their marriage not just for themselves, but for their community, city, and world as well.  It is not enough to help couples focus and work on their relationship with each other. Looking outward with a shared sense of purpose and serving together is meant to be a foundational couple strength.