Lament Resources

Lament is a normal part of our journey of learning to live and love like Jesus. Feel free to check out the resources we have compiled for you below.

Pastor Brandon Cook shared a message recently in our Foundations series on Lament. Check it out here. In this message, we explored the centrality of lament to Scripture, to Christian tradition, and to life in God. There are scores of practices followers of Jesus engage to become open to God, but without lament—giving voice to our sorrow before God and others—we cannot live an honest and open life.


Journeying with God through Loss & Grief (a prayer guide for individuals in seasons of Church transition)

Please contact Pastor Jaci Anderson if you are interested in receiving a copy. Email her at

New Hope Grief Support Community

Various resources for loss of a loved one through death.

Soul Restoration Project (SRP)

The Soul Restoration Project offers professional psychotherapy and coaching for individuals, couples, and families seeking healthier relationships… with self, significant others, family and/or God. They also offer group sessions.

SRP Hosted Groups Around Grief