Koinonia Practice: Reclaiming The Table

Koinonia Practice: Reclaiming The Table



Koinonia is unity, holiness, vulnerability, and deep encouragement in a community of prayerful love.

Theme: Re-Claiming the Table

The conflict in Galatia centered around who was included at the table. In the early church, the table was a huge symbol of unity in Christ, which transcended differences (see Acts 2:42). The table is about more than food; it’s about how we are with one another. It’s both the place where differences are reconciled and a place at which we can “take off our masks.”


Koinonia Practice: Hold the table as a sacred space

By blessing God – see below
By sharing food with one another – you pick!

By blessing one another (use the examples below to get beneath the surface with one another, where you can, as Paul says in Galatians 6:2, “bear one another’s burdens” in love.)

Blessing God a Prayer of Gratitude:

Note: The early church probably took their cue from Jewish liturgy and did not bless their food so much as give thanks for their food and blessing God. The Jewish blessing over food is centered around the phrase, “Blessed are you, Lord God, King of the universe, who brings forth good things from the earth.”

Blessed are you Lord God, King of the universe, who has extended to us mercy upon mercy. Thank you for this food, full of creativity, vehicles to delight, a reflection of your heart of generosity and love. Thank you for a table around which to gather, a sign of being included with you in your feast, both now and in the age to come, we who have been adopted by the Father of Light. Fill our bodies now with life and our spirits with spiritual power as we gather and are refreshed, that we may love well in your Good Name. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, amen.

Questions for Reflection:

Galatians makes it clear that authentic community is messy but worth it.

  1. Where have you most experienced the messiness of Christian community?
  2. When/where have you most experienced the joy of loving Christian community?
  3. What would it take from you to help create Koinonia for you and with others around you?



Dear brothers and sisters, may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit (Galatians 6:18). Let us go in the joy of being included by God at his banqueting table, and may we learn to love as He does, by His power and grace. Amen.


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