Together for Christmas

Together for Christmas

5 Dec, 2018 - 9 Dec, 2018

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Together for Christmas 2018

In this busy Christmas season, it is important that we are able to slow down and actually be with people. By his grace, God makes us living testimonies of Christ’s life by this truth: “we love because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19). Sometimes, making room for others can be inconvenient, messy and uncomfortable, but it also brings us near to God because Jesus always makes room for us.


Together For Christmas Details:

Date/Time: December 5th – 9th, you pick the time and day that works for you

Who: The people God has given you to love (coworkers, neighbors, family etc.)

What: Making room can look so many different ways…meeting at a coffee shop, hosting a brunch or dinner, a dessert night, potluck, craft night etc.

Other things to consider:

  • giving a small gift/personalized card/take away to your guests
  • creating a “moment”: to share what each person means to you, to talk about the holiday season, to give a toast etc.
  • props: you may want to include a craft or some activity if you think your group would like something to do


We are all in this together! When you have your “Together for Christmas”, please post pictures to the “LBCF: Women’s Ministry” Facebook page so we can all encourage each other! Make sure to join us if you are not already a member of our Women’s Ministry Facebook page! You can also post on our LBCF Women’s Ministry Instagram with the hashtag “#togetherforchristmas”


“Together for Christmas” is all about you and it’s for your people!  Consider going beyond what you may have previously done to make it a more memorable connecting time between you and the people God has given you to love! Do what works for you!


Email for more information!!