Redeeming Work

Redeeming Work

28 Sep, 2017 - 16 Nov, 2017

Time : 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Address :
3210 E Airport Way
Venue : LBCF

Email :

Welcome to Redeeming Work!

Work is an enormous part of our lives, and for many, a primary source of identity, aspiration, and anxiety. It is a central element of our life with Christ and a significant venue of discipleship. The church is tasked to affirm the original goodness of work as a God-ordained part of our humanity, and to present a redeemed vision of work. This Cadre is designed to help us connect Jesus’ teachings with the work he has called us to do in the world.

This Cadre is held on Thursday evening at 6:30 pm at LBCF.

For more information about this Cadre please email Adam Anderson at

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