Father’s Day Reading

By: Brandon Cook

Written June 2016

To Father is to give life.  

And not just physical life, for there are many who father, though they raise and bless children who are not their own, grandchildren or nephews or those mentored or fathered spiritually.  Yes, there are dads who make those that they father their own, by how they give and love and fight, not only to provide, but to bless.

For to be a father is to bless.  This we see in Abraham, who raised his old and tired arm to bless his children; in Jacob, who at the end of his years, prophesied over the sons he loved; in our Father, the Lord of all, who raised His hand through Jesus to bless and adopt us as His own.

This blessing is a labor, and a hard one.  It is the labor of falling short and rising to bless again.  The crucible of giving our strength and finding that even our strength is not enough.  It is then, having discovered our weakness, in lament, to cease from letting our weakness define what we will give, and to give even from our limitations, from vulnerability, from weakness, letting our children see our humanity and that despite it, we rise to bless them.

To father is to bless, even when it costs you all.  This is the weight and the glory of it. 

So we honor you, men and fathers.  And we thank you.  We acknowledge the wounds you bear, the ways you were not fathered.  The hard scars of longing.  The ways you feel sorrow or pain for things you’ve missed in how you have fathered.  But we ask you, still, to rise and to bless and to father your children and all those that God will give you to bless, in this world so desperate for blessing.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you for bearing the burden.

And may the God of all peace, whose Fathering makes us whole, work such peace in you as you rise into the fullness of His image, and raise your hand, and push back the curse, as you bless.  


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