Cadrites are small groups of 3-6 people that journey through many seasons in order to learn to live and love like Jesus together.

The discipleship process within Cadrites is founded on the premise that the end point of discipleship is loving and serving others as Jesus does. Our goal is not to “get close to Jesus” but rather to learn to live our life as he would. To love and serve others as Jesus did is his constant invitation and challenge to us. To accomplish this, Cadrites are the vehicle for a process that is meant to provoke disciples of Jesus out of the question, “How am I doing?” and into the question “How am I doing loving others as Jesus does?”

Our goal is to develop disciples who “live into” three pictures:


#1 A disciple is rooted in grace and constantly asks the question, “Jesus, how can you be this good?!” By concentrating on Jesus’ goodness rather than on how we think we’re doing, we are able to grow in grace and practice trust, which liberates us to focus on loving, knowing, and serving others.

#2 The second picture represents a disciple who is present with those that Jesus gives them to love. In our Cadrites, the first question we ask when we get together is, “How’s it going loving those in your life?” The entire discipleship process is driven by asking this question, that we would develop mature disciples who love as Jesus does.

#3 A disciple is filled with the Holy Spirit as they listen and respond to Jesus. He/she is constantly learning to hear and respond to the question, “Jesus, what are you speaking to me?” This is the question with which we conclude every Cadrite meeting, with a commitment to take action in the week ahead. Taking action, not information download, is the engine that drives Cadrites.

In between these questions, we engage a series of spiritual practices which are divided into three categories:

The Slow Life

  • Unhurriedness
  • Silence and Solitude
  • Sabbath

The Grounded Life

  • Scripture
  • Prayer

The Generous Life

  • Forgiveness
  • Gratitude
  • Generosity
  • Telling the Story of God

These practices are designed to increase our awareness of grace, of what it means to be present with and for others, and of what Jesus is speaking to us through the Holy Spirit. But they are just materials that we use. The curriculum, again, is the crucible and process of actually putting these discipleship pictures and these spiritual practices into action in our everyday lives.

The end point of our discipleship process in Cadrites is that together we would learn to live and love like Jesus, that we would become people who presence the kingdom of God with and for others, that many would encounter the goodness and nearness of Jesus!

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