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We are a community committed to knowing and celebrating the Father, heart of God, living outside of ourselves for the sake of others, and practicing radical dependence on the Spirit of God in everything we do.



“to live and love as disciples of Jesus”


Cadres are small groups of people banding together for a common purpose. Our vision for our community is disciples learning to live and love like Jesus. We believe Cadres are vital to this vision because they create rich, intentional environments for discipleship. We offer a wide variety of Cadres; most operate on a trimester system, launching in January, April, and September. Some run for 6 weeks, others as long as a year and all of our ministries are represented. We have Cadres for all ages engaging in all different subjects and themes, with various styles and approaches to discipleship.
To check out some of our recent Cadres, click here. To find out how you can get connected in a Cadre, email lbcf@lbcf.org


Cadrites are discipleship groups of 3-6 people that journey through many seasons in order to learn to live and love like Jesus together.

The discipleship process within Cadrites is founded on the premise that the end point of discipleship is loving and serving others as Jesus does.  Our goal is not to “get close to Jesus” but rather live into the reality that he has already brought us close.  As we awaken to that reality, we focus on learning to live our lives as he would.  To love and serve others as Jesus did is his constant invitation and challenge to us.  To accomplish this, Cadrites are the vehicle for a process that is meant to provoke disciples of Jesus out of the question, “How am I doing?” and into the question “How am I doing loving others as Jesus does?” through intimate relationships, the practice of disciplines that ground us in the grace of God, and the re-orientation of our lives to know and serve others.

To check out more information on Cadrites, click here.


Children’s Ministry

Kathleen RoundOur vision for Wise Kids is to see our children experience the living God, be transformed by His love, filled with the Holy Spirit and learn His story through the Bible.

Kathleen Tsuji   childrensministry@lbcf.org

Student Ministry

AlviaDedicated to partnering with the families of our community’s 6th-12th graders for the purpose of discipling them in their relationships with Jesus Christ, establishing in them a firm foundation upon which to build a God-centered life.

Alvia Gilbert   youth@lbcf.org

Marriage & Family Ministry

barbWe are proactive about supporting couples and families in all stages of life. Our ministry is holistic, peer-oriented, and pursues God’s heart for our marriages, families, and beyond.

Pastor Barbara Sunofsky   marriageandfamily@lbcf.org

Women’s Ministry

Marcy Circle PhotoThe Women of LBCF are learning to live and love like Jesus by radiating God’s love through authentic relationships, the pursuit of Truth, and faithful hospitality.

Marcy Douglas  womensministry@lbcf.org

Men’s Ministry

Men's Minsitry Team PhotoMen connecting in ways that transforms them to live and love like Jesus. In order to live in this vision, we actively and intentionally pursue each other to offer compassion, strength, acceptance, trust, vulnerability, encouragement and discipleship.

Matt Cullen, Bill Goodman, John Millane   mensministry@lbcf.org

Music Ministries

beccaAs LBCF’s music ministry, we seek to bring the people of God deeper into His presence with fresh and eclectic selections of music from traditional hymns to current songs to music written by our very own worship leaders.

Rebecca Cook   musicministry@lbcf.org

LBCF values the ways which God shows His grace in and through ALL of us. God calls His people to make His name known through the ways He works out His plan for us and history and we share those stories with each other in compelling ways so that we can always be prepared to give an answer for the hope we have.

Ryan Longnecker   stories@lbcf.org


Sozo is a prayer ministry designed to help you encounter  the nearness and goodness of God’s presence through  listening prayer.

Mike and Lorrie Bostic   sozo@lbcf.org

The Future

Our desire is to see the body of Christ built up into maturity.  We launch ministries within our community to see this accomplished, but we believe in people and calling more than programs.  We are committed to organic ministry growth, which means that we try to grow ministries based on what the Spirit of God seems to be speaking in our midst.  But on a broader scale, we recognize that God gets a lot of work done through His people as they are faithful to live in their calling right where He has them.  If you have a call to minister to the Body of Christ, please do it.  Sometimes those expressions bloom into something more ‘official,’ but whatever your calling, we want to support you to discover it and to walk well within it.


“to seek the prosperity of Long Beach,..”

Franklin Middle School

We strategically partner with Franklin Classical Middle School; we love the work they do. In the last few years, their test scores have been a model for other schools across the city, because of the hard work and dedication of the administrators, staff, and teachers. We have partnered with Franklin through resources and supplies, sweat (moving all those heavy books!), and events, but our favorite part is getting to know the teachers, students, and families of this beautiful community.

Brendan Smith and Sue Sheby








“…to embrace the forgotten in loving community,..”

Precious Lamb Preschool

LBCF is working to bless and partner with Precious Lamb Preschool which serves children and families who are facing homelessness. Precious Lamb Preschool has a vision to see the cycle of homelessness in Long Beach broken. They do this through free, Christ-centered pre-school education, care and mentoring. Our desire is to help mentor, educate and advocate on behalf of these precious families as we learn from one another and grow in relationship.

Lindsay Hoogendam

“…and to mentor and support children, adults, & families in faith.”


Safe Families

LBCF is launching a partnership with Safe Families for Children. Children who otherwise would enter the foster care system are able to stay in Christian homes while their parents are in crisis. We get to connect with families working through tough situations towards the goal of family unity and community.


The Future

LBCF has launched and is continuing to develop expressions of mission in our city. We often talk about these initiatives together on Sunday mornings or at community gatherings. We envision a people laughing, loving, knowing, and serving their neighbors. We envision meals and conversations over coffee where new relationship and new hope is birthed. We dream about green gardens being built and schools performing higher. We see children being brought out of the foster system and into safe, loving homes.  We see those who have been forgotten feeling the touch of love and of community. Even as we value and pursue God in the common and the ordinary things of life, we recognize that in this context He can do some extraordinary things.


“to proclaim and demonstrate Jesus’ good news”

Current Endeavors

LBCF’s vision in the world is to see the good news of who Jesus is proclaimed and demonstrated.  We support a number of missionaries around the globe, from Guatemala to Southeast Asia, and we currently have formal partnerships with local pastors and leaders in Congo, and with local missionaries, pastors, and congregations in Zambia.  If you dream kingdom dreams and have heart and vision for global peace and justice, in Jesus’ name, we want to hear from you!

The Future

God gave us Jesus and His good news—what we call the Gospel. That good news is that God is saving men and women from darkness and death through His mercy and grace. He did all this in order to change the world, which He loves. Our vision for our world is to proclaim and demonstrate Jesus’ gospel. We are grateful for a hope, in Jesus, that transcends racial or gender lines, that values people as people, first and foremost, that is able to speak life into the most depleted and weary human heart. This hope is a light wherever it is truly perceived and received. As we discern where God calls us, we will go faithfully in this hope that is in Jesus.


Pastor of Vision and Teaching

Brandon Cook

Brandon Cook

Loves Long Beach and his silver scooter. Enjoys teaching and telling energized children’s’ stories. Brandon leads by following Jesus well. – Bri...

Leadership Development Catalyst

Jaci Anderson

Jaci Anderson

EMAIL: janderson@lbcf.org  JOB TITLE: Pastor of Missional Development HOMETOWN: Lakewood and Long Beach, CA Family: Married to Adam Anderson, Mom to Ewan/Captain...

Pastor of Marriage and Family Ministries

Barbara Sunofsky

Barbara Sunofsky

“Barbara makes my very favorite chocolate-chip oatmeal cookie – and she’ll stun you with her eclectic knowledge and discerning spirit.” -Becca...

Director of Children's Ministry    

Kathleen Tsuji

Kathleen Tsuji

EMAIL: ktsuji@lbcf.org JOB TITLE: Children’s Ministry Director HOMETOWN: Fresno, CA Family: Kenny (husband), Paige (5), and Reed (3) IN 10...

Director of Youth LB (Jr Hi and Sr Hi)

Alvia Gilbert

Alvia Gilbert

Alvia is dedicated to partnering with the families of our community’s 6th-12th graders for the purpose of discipling them in their relationships with...

Director of Music & Creative Arts Ministry

Rebecca Cook

Rebecca Cook

“Incredibly talented and lovely Director and Coordinator.  Also smokin’-hot.  That’s not why we hired her…but it didn’t hurt, either.”  –Brandon...

Director of Women's Ministry

Marcy Douglas

Marcy Douglas

EMAIL: mdouglas@lbcf.org JOB TITLE: Director of Women’s Ministry HOMETOWN: Torrance, Ca. Family: My husband Brian, Max (8 yrs), Molly (6 yrs)...

Narrative Theologian

Image by: Ryan Longnecker (www.ryanlongnecker.com)

Ryan Longnecker

“And the boy loved the tree, and the tree was very happy” – The Giving Tree EMAIL: stories@lbcf.org JOB TITLE:...

Worship Leader

Jason Maligmat

Jason Maligmat

Jason has an incredible heart for worship and a gift of ushering people into the presence of God through songs....

Grounds Keeper

Krissi Munn

Krissi Munn

“Everything she touches sparkles, from her creativity in the kitchen canning to her stunning quilts, she is a wonder queen!”...


We highly value transformation, healing, community and mission. You can read more about these values in our values section.

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From the beginning, LBCF has been a church in the city, recognizing that God calls us to love and serve where we are. Here is our story.

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